Financial Aid

O&Med’s Financial Aid Office

This office is designed to provide general information to prospective and currently enrolled students and families about the cost of medical education in our school and available options to assist them in financial planning, budgeting and completion of application documents.
O&Med does not guarantee financial aid to any student, as each case is evaluated by the lenders and judged on a case-to-case basis.

Financial aid for Dominican Citizens:

Financial aid for Dominican Citizens is available. Please see below some private lenders:

- FUNDAPEC: a private non-profit Dominican institution committed in providing financing to students in order to help promote the economical, social and cultural growth of the Dominican Republic . For further information, please go to

- Banco Popular Dominicano (BPD):

Financial aid for U.S. and other non-Dominican Citizens:

O&Med does not suggest neither recommend any lender in particular. We understand that the criteria that should prevail in the selection of a private lender must be:

• Select institutions committed to provide long term educational loans
• Institutions that clearly communicate the terms and conditions of their educational loans
• The quality of their customer service and ease of access to electronic banking for applications, disbursements and inquiries of loan status must be of high level. 

Scholarships will be awarded when available based on merit, financial need and academic performance.