Research at O&Med


“It should now be considered an imperative that medical education should embrace best evidence and research based approaches and that educational theory should underpin ongoing development and research in the field” (Bradley & Mattick: Integration of basic and clinical sciences, AMEE, 2008)

Our program is designed to develop student’s clinical and public health research knowledge and skills, including longitudinal courses delivered over the first five years of the curriculum on research methodology, epidemiology and information technology. It also promotes students’ early exposure and participation in research activities through the community project and other research initiatives developed by the O&Med, counting with assistance and mentoring by the faculty affiliated to our Global Health and Biotechnology Research Center. O&Med Medical School is committed to preparing medical doctors who will not only be able to adequately integrate an evidence-based approach in their clinical practice, but will also document their practice, generate relevant research and publish further evidence on clinical, epidemiological and public health topics related to their scope of action. The Research Department of our Medical School will involve an Institutional Review Board (IRB), responsible for reviewing and orienting students’ research initiatives in accordance to the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration.