O&Med’s First Scrubs Ceremony

On Friday, September 1st, 2017, O&M Medical School (O&Med) celebrated the Scrubs Ceremony to welcome its First Cohort to the clinical cycle. The Scrubs Ceremony symbolically represents the transition from the basic sciences to clinical sciences modules, and took place, in the presence of the students, faculty and students’ family members, at O&Med’s Simulation Lab. 

O&Med Director, Dr. Eddy Pérez-Then, addressed the First Cohort during the Ceremony emphasizing the importance of the first four years (basic sciences modules) in the upcoming role as pre-interns, and highlighted the importance of continuing with the consistent work, critical thinking and the application of the knowledge acquired at the basic sciences modules into patients’ health care. 

During the event, the students were given their official green scrubs with the logos of O&M University and O&Med and their identification tag, as well as a new white coat. In addition, an official attendance notebook was provided to record their presence and punctuality at the hospital selected for their clinical rotations.  

Within the next two years, O&Med’s First Cohort will complete the clinical cycle and become the first graduating class of doctors from O&M University. Its potential performance should be considered as the most tangible indicator of the new paradigm in medical education, framed within the conceptual principles of the health-disease model of the 21st Century.