O&Med and the Harrington Program of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine signed an agreement for international clinical rotations.

On Friday, March 10th, 2017, O&M Medical School (O&Med), signed a collaboration agreement with the Harrington Program of the University of Miami, Florida, USA.

Since 1967, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has offered a wide range of opportunities to international medical students and physicians through the William J. Harrington Medical Training Programs. Candidates who qualify for the program are placed in clinical rotations within medical residencies or in clinical training as observers in various specialties. International graduates who apply for the program and meet the criteria (medical students who are residents or citizens of Latin American and Caribbean countries, who attend medical schools in these geographical areas and who are not permanent citizens of the US) will get all the support to rotate by the Jackson Memorial Hospital complex, Miami, USA. 

With this agreement, O&Med strengthens its vision of academic excellence and reinforces its commitment to train competent physicians in addressing global health priorities. This agreement also assures that O&Med students will have the opportunity to learn about different realities and specific management of health entities that occur in high prevalence areas, giving them the opportunity to provide services to groups of populations who are exposed to those ailments.