O&Med and Pediatric Hospital Dr. Hugo Mendoza signed an agreement for clinical rotations, research development and continuing medical education. @O&Med debates about the topic “Cardio-Metabolic Prevention in the Primary Level of Care”.

 As part of the preparation process for the preclinical cycle opening, on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017, O&M Medical School (O&Med) signed a collaboration agreement with the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Hugo Mendoza, a national reference hospital, self-managed, and awarded on different occasions for its high-quality standards. This hospital is located at the Evangelina Perozo Rodríguez Hospital Complex, in the eastern part of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic.

The agreement signed by Dr. Noldis Naut Suberví, Director of the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Hugo Mendoza and O&Med DIrector, Dr. Eddy Pérez-Then, aims to develop research projects and to stimulate the hospital professional team to participate as facilitators of O&Med student at the health center. The agreement also aims the integration of the activities related to continuous medical education of both institutions.

Moreover, this strategic alliance will allow O&Med medical students to perform internship and pre-internship rotations in the children's health center. The signing of the agreement was made in the Meeting Room of Dr. Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital.