Message from the Director

 Eddy Pérez-Then, MD, M.P.H., M.S.P.H., Ph.D

A new era in medical education and health science research has just begun. This new School of Medicine was developed in accordance with the requirements of this day and age, featuring interactive communication through social networks; the use of the Internet for research; the exchange of knowledge as well as the integration of new developments in medical education. Here, we envision a real change in the educational paradigm.

The alliance with Partner's Harvard Medical International has enabled us to integrate new ideas into medical education, by including new educational techniques that allow close interactions between the professor and the student, based on a new curricular vision which mainstreams education and the creation of new knowledge as well as enabling holistic, integrative aspects of prevention, care and research in medicine.

This new curricular vision, along with the interaction between faculty and students, will take place at the most modern of physical facilities, its design guided by a holistic view of education, which includes the use of simulation labs, anatomy labs and multi-functional areas of study. These physical facilities will allow both professors and students to not only have access to the latest educational technology, but also allow efficient interactions in a comfortable and safe environment for the generation and transmission of knowledge.

We have no doubt that the sustained effort within the past few years towards the creation of this new School of Medicine will impact the educational paradigm in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region. This new institution and educational approach will advance health care services as well as promote critical thinking of the new cohorts of health professional students. Developed in Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the American region, this academic curriculum has strict supervision by a group of international consultants with extensive experience in global health, education and development of physical facilities that are necessary for health professionals to obtain high-quality medical education in this new century.

Therefore, we welcome any health professional, professor or student who may agree with this new educational approach, who may desire change in the quality of medical care or who may believe in integration of critical thinking for health professionals. We are hopeful that together, today begins an era in medical education that will allow an improvement in the health of the citizens who require our services.

Eddy Perez-Then, MD, MPH, MSPH, PhD.

O&Med School Director