Preparatory Course

In order to prepare new students for the demands of the O&Med curriculum and enhance their academic performance, the Plan of Study integrates an extracurricular Preparatory Course. This course delivers mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry contents, and provides students with additional tools to improve their knowledge in basic sciences, through a variety of teaching approaches. This Course, delivered over an 8-week period, aims to:

  • Introduce new students to different teaching approaches used at the O&M Medical School, with emphasis on the Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology.
  • Level and refresh students’ previous knowledge on basic concepts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, assuring their adequate academic performance in the O&Med curriculum, which integrates more advanced contents in these areas.
  • Introduce new students to the O&Med Mentoring Program, identifying, on individual basis, those educational areas in which each student might need additional assistance and resources, in order to assure their optimum adjustment to the O&Med educational environment.
  • Strengthen students’ English and/or Spanish language skills, based on their individual needs in each area.

The Preparatory Course will be offered as an optional educational resource to all new students accepted to the O&M Medical School. The Admissions Committee will also establish this course as mandatory for those students who might need it in order to ensure an adequate performance at the O&M Medical School, as could happen with candidates who rank lower on the reported standardized academic tests (SAT, TOEFL) or accumulated GPA.

 Typical week prep