O&Med Academic Experience

Mentoring Program
With the mission of creating a new kind of physicians, meant to excel not only in clinical practice, but also in research, community involvement, communication and critical thinking skills, the O&Med curriculum design anticipates the need of one-to-one academic and professional interaction between students and faculty members, who will guide and orient their professional development in accordance with the highest standards of modern medical education, starting in its early phases.

Responding to this need, upon enrollment at O&Med each student is assigned a mentor, who accompanies him or her in the academic and professional development, providing continuous and long-term guidance, feedback and personalized coaching in this process. O&Med mentors, involving experienced faculty members, advise and guide students in matters related to their professional development and achievement of academic success. The mentors assist students in creating an agenda for working toward their professional development goals and provide them with orientation needed in order to successfully complete the medical school curriculum and prepare for their future career in the desired professional field.

If needed, a mentor can refer a mentee to other services available at O&Med that could further contribute to his or her academic performance or psychosocial wellbeing, including a referral to professional counseling services for any personal issues that might rise during the mentoring meetings.

Tutoring program
O&Med offers individual or group tutoring programs, for those students whose performance in specific subjects or knowledge areas is falling below the established academic requirements. The tutoring sessions will be delivered by the O&Med faculty, upon the formal request and authorization by the student’s Mentor.

Extracurricular activities
Complementing the contents of the formal curriculum, O&Med offers a series of extracurricular activities, promoted and managed by the Student Affairs Department. Some of these activities, such as reading clubs, movie discussion forums and journal clubs are closely related to the different curriculum contents and are coordinated directly by the O&M Medical School. Additional activities, such as sports, arts and language classes are offered and coordinated by the O&M University central campus.

Regular academic terms might include field trips or working excursions to specific national sites related to core curriculum contents. In order to participate in these trips, students and, if under 18 years of age, their parents or legal guardians, will be required to sign a consent form. While on O&Med sponsored trip, students are considered to be under the jurisdiction and supervision of the faculty, and their behavior should conform to the Code of Student Conduct and other institutional regulations.