A Week at a Glance


The contents of each academic term of the O&Med curriculum are strategically distributed over a working week, in a sequence designed to facilitate active learning and acquisition of relevant and meaningful knowledge organized around the main module course topics.

The integration of these topics will be further enhanced through the problem based learning (PBL) methodology, as the core teaching and assessment approach within the O&Med’s educational strategy, where challenging, carefully selected real life health problems and situations will be presented to students as bases for the active pursue and acquisition of retainable and retrievable theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The plenary 2-hour PBL session scheduled on Friday afternoons will actively involve all faculty members who facilitate the relevant module courses, in order to provide input on student’s advances towards the individual and collective educational goals, and orient any required adjustments in teaching strategies and content integration of specific courses over the following weeks.

Saturdays will be dedicated to community project activities and doctor-patient practices in different level health establishments in the Dominican Republic, providing our students with an important opportunity for applying the newly acquired knowledge and skills in real-life situations within structured and supervised clinical and community settings.


All of our programs are fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Dominican Republic