Community Project



The O&M Medical School (O&Med) aims to become a center of excellence in medical education in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, promoting the formation of culturally sensitive and socially engaged medical doctors, with strong foundations in public health, research methodology and bioethics. As a part of our Community Project longitudinal course, groups of students will be assigned to marginalized urban and rural communities in the Dominican Republic over the five-year period, establishing long-term formal and informal community-academia relationships. Students will work side-by-side with community members in the assessment of their needs and resources, and the development of culturally appropriate health interventions, as an input for reconstructing their social realities and strengthening local capacity for future research and health promotion initiatives. This is expected to enhance students’ public-health formation, cultural competencies and research skills starting in the first years of the O&Med curriculum, as a unique component and a potential paradigm shift in the formation of medical doctors in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Region.