Admissions FAQ

What is required for a complete application?

According to the Rules of Registration and Admissions of the University, in order to apply the student must meet the general requirements and submit the following documents:

1) Completed Electronic Application Form
2) High School Diploma or Certified GPA (an application must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 points or its equivalent)
3) Official High School Transcript (can be supplied upon graduation)
4) Passport sized photo
5) Legalized Birth Certificate
6) Certificate of Good Conduct or "lack of criminal record"
7) Medical Certificate
8) SAT or equivalent and TOEFL official scores (TOEFL exempt if English is the native language)
9) 1000 word Essay (See Electronic Application Form)
10) 500 word optional Essay (See Electronic Application Form)
11) Recommendation letters, two (2) from non-family members, one (1) letter must be from an academic professor.
12) If applicable, any other grades obtained

For foreign students, the same documents and general requirements apply, as well as the High School transcript being duly authenticated by the Ministry of Education or other relevant authority, and any other required document, as dictated by the guidelines available at the Dominican Consulate designated for your country of residence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the Dominican Republic. A long form birth certificate may be substituted by a certified copy of the registration of birth, passport or any other legal authorization to stay in the country. For more information on student visas, please contact the Dominican Consulate designated for your country of residence.
In order to complete the process, the students will be required to upload all supporting documents through the electronic application form.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right to evaluate each case on merit and recommend a preparatory course for those who are assessed as needing extra teaching to successfully enter the first year.
If accepted, the students will be required to send all original supporting documents to the Admissions Office by courier to:

O&Med-Medical School
Admissions Department
Ave. Independencia #364
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 10205


When is the application deadline?

The last date for receiving applications is March 30th 2013. Early applications are highly recommended.

Should my letters of recommendation be sent directly to the University?

Yes. They can be sent directly to the University; by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by courier to :

O&Med Medical School
Admissions Department
Ave. Independencia #364
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 10205

Is there a fee to apply to Universidad Dominicana O&M Medical School?

Yes. The fee is US$75.00, payable at the time the application is submitted


Is my application fee refundable?

No, the application fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome (acceptance or rejection).


When will I be notified if I have been selected for an interview?

The interviews will take place after the application process has been concluded (March 30th 2013). Afterwards you will be notified by email regarding the next steps to complete the admissions process, including the interview. 


I am an foreign student, if invited, how would I be interviewed?

Interviews can be done personally or via web conference. The information for such interviews will be sent by email.


When will I be notified if I have been accepted?

Acceptance or rejection letters will be sent after May 10th 2013. 



If I fail my prep course and I paid my tuition, what happens?

You will be refunded 50 % of the tuition paid for the quarter, but not for the prep course. 

Is it possible to transfer credits from my college to O&Med?

Mainly for academic quality purposes we are not doing transfer and convalidation processes at the moment, since our School is recently open and functioning we want our first cohort to graduate using our teaching methodology and academic system without external influences. Thus, we are holding the transferring process for after we graduate our first medical doctors. 


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