Admissions Process



To ensure anonymity and avoid discrimination during the selection process, details of the prospective student are held from the Admissions Committee until the interview stage, but relevant details are shared with the interviewers. A number and combination of letters during the first stage of the selection process is used to identify each applicant.

In accordance with institutional policies, O&Med does not discriminate on the basis of place of birth, sex, ethnicity, age, color, origin, social status, physical disability, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital status. It believes in the integrity of human beings and their freedom to determine a career plan and direction in life.

As soon as the application package is received, all documents are verified in their authenticity. In case the university determines that a document has been altered or its authenticity is questioned, the student is not accepted or, in the case that he or she has already been admitted, any course taken is not accredited.

If the Admissions Committee recommends the applicant to continue the admission process, the applicant is asked to complete an interview. This is an important component of the admission process, which can be done in person or through a web conference. Members of the Admissions Committee interview only qualified candidates.

The Admissions office evaluates all applicants, taking into account their academic and personal qualifications. The analysis includes academic performance, the basic studies required to enter the program and, if available, the standardized test results that apply in each case. Motivation to study medicine, leadership qualities, ability to relate to others, ability to solve problems, and participation in activities of the scientific community are considered important.

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