Institutional Alliances

O&Med was developed in association with Harvard Medical International (HMI) the international arm of Harvard Medical School, ( that later became PHMI), as the result of an interinstitutional agreement that was effective between 2002 and 2012.

This alliance allowed the implementation of a project with a perspective never seen before in an academic program in our country, indeed in our entire region. It was the first endeavor of its kind by HMI in Latin America, designed to elevate the quality of medical education as well as raising the standards of medicine and health care in the Dominican Republic and in the region.

ONE WORLD, ONE MEDICINE has been our motto since the beginning of this project and alliance. During this operational phase, new paths for further collaboration will be opened with Harvard University Medical School and with its associate hospitals in mutually beneficial areas. Similar alliances will be established with other distinguished Medical schools and health care institutions in the United States, in Latin America and throughout the world.

The last few years have witnessed a period of preparation and elaboration. This included the land and building acquisition, financing procurement, the design of facilities for Phases I and II, the completion of all constructions of the facilities for Phase I and the initiation of construction for Phase II. That period has also witnessed the design and creation of a thorough curriculum for all the years of medical school study, an earnest effort for accreditation, faculty training and the opening of the medical school.

Our financial partners, the Banco Popular of the Dominican Republic and the International Finance Corporation, IFC, part of the World Bank, have been fully supportive of this project since its conception.

During this operational phase, we are also looking forward to advancing, even more, our alliance and cooperation with our strategic partners in order to fully accomplish the mission of this new and unique medical school.